Happy Birthday dUCk


Salam Shaban. It is May already and I have not been blogging in April. I had written 2 draft post in April but didn't get to finish it unfortunately due to the hectic schedule. So on 10th April, it marked my third year of reverting, Alhamdulilah. So I am 3 now, same age as dUCk (The dUCk Group)?! #LOL Anyways, Happy Birthday dUCk! 

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I have a few things in my mind that I was trying to put in sentences. Bismillah. So a few days ago, I saw people sharing a critique about the dUCk scarves. (Link to the article) But first, I think I should do a brief introduction on who or what dUCk is. 

The dUCk Group is basically a Malaysian company that sells well-branded headscarves or the dUCk scarves. (Very straight forward and un-glamorous introduction, I am sorry D.) The brand was founded by Vivy Yusof in May 2014. The brand grows rapidly and I think D (the mysterious brand ambassador), their marketing and advertising team had done tremendous job in bringing the brand to such a high level. Yes I am very proud of how much a local brand and Muslim Women can achieve.

With Vivy Yusof, I was so nervous to just ask for a photo.
(Thank you Iman for helping to take the photo and I actually wanted a photo with Iman as well...)
Congratulation to Vivy for getting into Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017!
There are many different opinions on regarding the heftily priced scarves and now it evolves into a moral issue and religious issue. I don't want to write grandmother's story on that and I am not opposing the article written by Zairina Zairin (2017), I think she had shared some points that we need to reflect in ourselves. 

Here are some of the reasons why I like dUCk:
1. I took advertising classes before so I am excited to see any brands that come up with creative advertising campaign or marketing strategy. 
2. It is a Malaysian brand, we should support local business and if I can afford for it, so why not? 
3. It is a brand created by our Muslim sisters and seeing it growing globally is very pleasing.
4. I like designs that have solid concepts and beautiful packaging.
5. Even the non-Muslim or non-Hijabis are buying the scarves, isn't that dakwah? (I bought my first headscarves even before I think of reverting.)

I know the price of the scarves for some limited edition designs are rather pricey, but Limited Edition of course Limited Edition price la kan? If you think it is worth (or can afford) it, you buy; If not, don't buy. Don't have to bash the brand you know. Imagine the effort, time, resources that they put in each project, that is why "Branded" things are expensive, you are paying for the idea and brand image as well. Speaking of paying for ideas, I think designers and photographers can relate to the situation when people ask for your service and not willing to pay for it.

There are also hate comments on dUCk and the dUCkies which are ridiculous and all we can say is haters gonna hate. You have the freedom to choose whatever attire or lifestyle that suits you. Don't be too judgmental on other people, if you think what is good for them, inspire them or pray for them. Allah will grant them Hidayah, insyaAllah. 

When a brand has great influence towards people, it means their campaign is powerful, they have good talents in their company. On the other hand, I think CBD and brand obsession is a personal issue, maybe attending a motivational talk or seeing a psychologist is a better cure rather than closing down a brand. 

Sometimes my iman goes up and down too. I am trying to restrain myself from being too materialistic. I am like one step away from CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder) aka Shapoholic. Astaghfirullahaladzim. So what Zairina written was something we all need to ponder of: 
"The next time you buy something that is outside your necessity, ask yourself: do I need it? Will my happiness and bank account sustain at this current frame of mind I am well into a month of me owning this thing?" - "What The dUCk?! A Critique of the dUCk Scarves", Zarina Zairin (2017).

This blog is not sponsored. I am just sharing my thoughts, I am truly sorry if I offended anyone unintentionally. May Allah guide us to the righteous path and strengthen our iman, Ameen. 

Again, Happy Birthday dUCk! 

Thank you for reading my blog.


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