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Dear March


Once again, I had failed to fulfill some targets that I had set for myself from early this year. I skipped blogging for like 3 or 4 weeks didn't I? I wouldn't say I am super busy like most working people but this month I had been travelling a lot. 
March is usually my favorite month because it is my Birthday month but my mood is on a roller coaster that sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am emotional. I had been slacking a lot and many tasks are not keeping on track which is quite nerve racking. There is a paper due coming up in 4 days time and I am not even half of the progress. I should really start planning my time more sparingly as I have other tasks that are coming up soon. 
A quick recap for February and March for my own record. In February I did not travel for long distance that often but I did went here and there to meet some people for my thesis writing. It was a fruitful month I would say as I had gained a lot of industrial information for my thes…

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