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Happy Birthday dUCk


Salam Shaban. It is May already and I have not been blogging in April. I had written 2 draft post in April but didn't get to finish it unfortunately due to the hectic schedule. So on 10th April, it marked my third year of reverting, Alhamdulilah. So I am 3 now, same age as dUCk (The dUCk Group)?! #LOL Anyways, Happy Birthday dUCk! 

I have a few things in my mind that I was trying to put in sentences. Bismillah. So a few days ago, I saw people sharing a critique about the dUCk scarves. (Link to the article) But first, I think I should do a brief introduction on who or what dUCk is. 
The dUCk Group is basically a Malaysian company that sells well-branded headscarves or the dUCk scarves. (Very straight forward and un-glamorous introduction, I am sorry D.) The brand was founded by Vivy Yusof in May 2014. The brand grows rapidly and I think D (the mysterious brand ambassador), their marketing and advertising team had done tremendous job in bringing the brand to such a …

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