2018 New Year Resolution


It's already 2nd week of 2018. I didn't get to complete my 2017 resolution which was very disappointing. So this year I have decided to make my new year resolution with goals that are more practical and achievable. Here we go straight to the point:
Call mum and grandma at least once a week.Attend Iqra' class at least once week (suppose to have more but lets start with this for now and will definitely add on gradually).Wake up early (Don't fall back to sleep after Fajr prayer).Read newspaper at least once a week. (Trying to make it a habit)Don't buy clothes online!Discipline to journal/blog and follow the schedule. 
Speaking of journal, I decided to blog it because I would like to keep track on when I started my journal and how I plan it. Hopefully, I can schedule my time better and be more productive. 
So how I journal?
I have always wanted a bullet journal but I am afraid that I will give up half way when I am not in the mood to draw or decorate th…

Hello 2018


This shall be my first blog in 2018. Happy New Year Everyone! 
2017 had ended in the best way I could ever wish for. Syukur, alhamdulilah. Mom, dad and sis came to visit me, we had dinner together and went shopping (It is year end sale, how could you not buy anything right?). I enjoyed every bit of the moment cause I haven't seen them in quite awhile. 
Started to work on the first day of 2018. I have not done any design work for months. It is good to see Illustrator again. Hopefully everything will goes on smoothly on the upcoming event. 

Second day of 2018. I went to see my co-supervisor, Dr. Ramachandran to consult about my thesis proposal which I will be submitting by end this month. Only 60% done and I have interviews to do. Lets pray that I can finish it before the due date. 
Dr. Rama shared some very inspiring stories with us today. He told us that sometimes in work, when you are performing well, there will be people who are jealous with your achievements. S…

随遇而安 suí yù ér ān


Its December already. I have not open my blog since May, MasyaAllah. Reflecting to the 2017 resolution that I wrote earlier in March, I think I had only achieved 45%?! Ok, that's not good. Need a constructive self-criticism before I start planing for my 2018 resolution. 
If you happen to notice that I had written a mandarin blog title "随遇而安", is because I could not find a perfect English phrase for it. It is a mandarin idiom that means to be able to accommodate or adapt to oneself in different circumstances. I like that idiom a lot as it describes my life right now so well.
If you are experiencing changes in life and you are struggling to accept it or having hard time to adapt in the new environment, don't worry, I have my fair share in dealing with this kind of emotions. I am not saying I am a pro in dealing negative emotions but just to show that you are not alone.
If you knew me in the past and you may notice I am in a complete different environm…

Happy Birthday dUCk


Salam Shaban. It is May already and I have not been blogging in April. I had written 2 draft post in April but didn't get to finish it unfortunately due to the hectic schedule. So on 10th April, it marked my third year of reverting, Alhamdulilah. So I am 3 now, same age as dUCk (The dUCk Group)?! #LOL Anyways, Happy Birthday dUCk! 

I have a few things in my mind that I was trying to put in sentences. Bismillah. So a few days ago, I saw people sharing a critique about the dUCk scarves. (Link to the article) But first, I think I should do a brief introduction on who or what dUCk is. 
The dUCk Group is basically a Malaysian company that sells well-branded headscarves or the dUCk scarves. (Very straight forward and un-glamorous introduction, I am sorry D.) The brand was founded by Vivy Yusof in May 2014. The brand grows rapidly and I think D (the mysterious brand ambassador), their marketing and advertising team had done tremendous job in bringing the brand to such a …

Blessed 25th

25th birthday on the 25th of March! I am already half way through my twenties. Again, time flies. It seemed like only yesterday I just completed my SPM. I used to think that I am going to get married at the age of 24 or 25 when I was younger. But in the blink of an eye, here am I, 25 and getting married will probably be the last thing to do before 30 (InsyaAllah, only Allah knows). Work and study are my priorities now. Yes, STUDY! I am going to start my Ph.D. soon InsyaAllah, please make doa(dua) for me. Got a mix feeling about it. Never ever imagined I would come this far but I will try my best, may Allah bless us and ease our path. Ameen. 
Here I would like to share an article that I came across a while ago. I am eager to share this with you and finally here is the chance to blog about it. 
I read this article from, "20 Things 20-Years-Olds Don't Get" (link embedded), written by Jason Nazar in 2013.  

I am not going to list down all the 20 …

Beauty Blog: Hermo Haul


It is coming to the end of March. Time flies, seriously. At the beginning of the month, I attended the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2017 at Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur. Last year I attended the conference for the first time but I had to admit that I was blurred the whole time because there is a huge gap between the knowledge we got in university and the real industry. Technology is changing fast and this conference is really an eye opener for me. Fortunately, this year I am able to catch up better. Will blog about it soon after I done my proposal for dissertation. 

March is always my favorite month because it is my Birthday month! I am excited not because of my Birthday is coming soon but I am waiting for my parcels from FashionValet. I used to hate online shopping but now I am getting obsessed with it. My main concern of online shopping is the quality of the product that we are purchasing, whether it the material is up to our expectation and does the actual prod…

Hello March x New Year's Resolution for 2017

It feels like 2 months just passed in the blink of an eye. Can you believe that it is March already?
I hope it is not too late to write my 2017 resolution. I wanted to write it here so I can remind myself and hopefully get everything checked before 2017 ends. There goes my aim for the year 2017:
1. Manage my time better and be punctual.
2. Finish my Iqra and start Quran insyaAllah (I almost finish my Iqra like 2 years ago and now I have to start all over again because I have been missing the class quite a lot when I was taking my Master).
3. Work efficiently.
4. Read more and study hard.
5. Learn financial management. 
6. Update blog more frequently.
I am all pumped up for the challenge and I think I am working a little bit more disciplined now since I seldom missed to keep track of my daily activities and money spent. (I had planner for the past few years as well but always failed to use it on the daily basis. Normally I would chuck it aside after February and forget abou…