Dear March


Once again, I had failed to fulfill some targets that I had set for myself from early this year. I skipped blogging for like 3 or 4 weeks didn't I? I wouldn't say I am super busy like most working people but this month I had been travelling a lot. 

March is usually my favorite month because it is my Birthday month but my mood is on a roller coaster that sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am emotional. I had been slacking a lot and many tasks are not keeping on track which is quite nerve racking. There is a paper due coming up in 4 days time and I am not even half of the progress. I should really start planning my time more sparingly as I have other tasks that are coming up soon. 

A quick recap for February and March for my own record. In February I did not travel for long distance that often but I did went here and there to meet some people for my thesis writing. It was a fruitful month I would say as I had gained a lot of industrial information for my thesis. But transcribing the interviews are a pain for me as I enjoy multitasking like listening to music or watch TV but obviously I could not do that when I am transcribing. Still loads of work to do. 

In the 2nd week of March, I attended the annual ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2018 at the Royal Chulan Hotel. This is the third time I attended this conference and it always wow me because the technologies are changing so fast. It is so fast pace that the broadcasters and even audiences are yet to keep up with the latest technology. Met a lot of familiar faces which is awesome and vendors who are willing to share their knowledge when they knew we are doing research in that particular field. 

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2018 Day 2
Photo Credit: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
I will try to sort out the photos and some knowledge that I gained from DBS 2018 and share it with you in my next (or next next) blog, InsyaAllah. Before ending this blog entry, I would like to share a literature (mandarin) I read recently, and this is the paragraph that I really like.

都说人生是场永无止境的修行,我们忙着低头赶路,却无意间撞见,生活一地余留的残渣。于是忙着擦泪,忙着成长,忙着在茫茫人海摸爬打滚。- 《让我感到为难的,是挣扎的自由》美傻 

As I have learnt in Islam, life (world or dunya) is a place of test for all of us but it is temporary. What we should chase for is the Akhirah (The Hereafter). The more I know about Islam, the more positive I am. Yes I still get emotional sometimes but definitely not depression because I truly believe that Allah SWT is always there for me. InsyaAllah, I will learn more and more about Islam and try to be a better person.

Alright, I guess I have to stop here and continue with my papers now. If anyone is reading this, thank you for your time, hope you have a good day. 


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